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Financial Controllership and Management Consultancy 

Maintaining a sound financial control in your organization is the key of success in today economy.  Accounting records and financial reports must be regularly reviewed, so that any issues identified could be immediately addressed.  I can be a partner of your company for short term or long term by handling some or all of the following tasks to help your organization growing healthily.

- Assisting in starting a business, budget set up and cash flow forecast. 

- Assisting in interpretation of appropriate accounting principles to be applied for reporting purpose.  

- Periodically review accounting records and financial reports, conduct variance analysis and generate various kinds of reports on ad hoc basis for decision making.

- Developing solution on debt management,  improving cash flow and operation issues.

- Assisting in preparing business plan to apply for credit facilities from financial institutions or other sponsors.

- Carrying out risk analysis of the organization and develop strategy to mitigate exposure by implementing internal control and procedures and fraud prevention program.

- Assisting in researching of financial incentives created by all level of government for building a more prosperous and sustainable enterprise. 


Tax Planning and Compliance for Individuals and Owner-managed Business

Whether you need an assistance to interpret tax effects of a business transaction or a decision on your business, or you are preparing to step into the next stage of your life, I am willing to listen and help you out in handling the tax situation you are currently dealing with, whether it is GST/HST, income tax or others.  Be prepared to talk about it ahead of time, as tax planning is a year round process rather than a year end exercise.  Failing to plan just means planning to fail. 

I also provide service in preparing tax return for individuals (T1), corporations (T2) and trusts (T3) for compliance purpose, as well as assisting in dealing with auditors from Canada Revenue Agency.  Enquiries from new immigrants are always welcome.  Seniors can receive courtesy discount.  I can also arrange to work with your legal and financial professionals when necessary to make sure that your best interest in a legal regime is fulfilled.

You may realize that there are bundles of tax credits created by different level of government for specified purpose or business engaged in specified activities.  However, be aware that restrictions and conditions always apply,  benefits associated with the promoted tax credits may not be automically generated as being claimed in your case.  I can assist to do the research and analysis before you step out to incur capital expenditure on those specified activities.   

Support and Resource to Other Practising Accountants and Professionals

There is no doubt to understand that clients' needs are always addressed in priority when resources are available within the professional network.  With a diverse background in skills and experience,  I am well positioned to help out other practitioners in public accounting to manage the unexpected increase of workflow.  Whether you need a hand to assist in auditing, taxation or other kinds of engagement, please let me know.

In today world,  problems become more complex and many projects need to be handled by professionals with diverse background with interweaven training and skills. If you are from legal, scientific or engineering background and you need help on projects with input from someone with professional accounting background, or you are an academicia who needs someone to help out in doing a research, please do not hesitate to contact me.   Actually I would be particular excited to work with other professionals in green projects to build a more sustainable environment.

Computerized Accounting and Bookkeeping

The importance of keeping proper accurate updated accounting records can never be over stressed.  Not only does it provide information you need to understand the financial picture of your business, but  it also helps to mitigate the problem in a timely manner should any unfavourable issues identified.  Besides, an accurate and complete accounting record  provides a forceful and reliable backup in filing the government reporting return such as GST/HST,  payroll remittance etc.   While you focus on the operation function of your business,  I can reduce your burden in tracking of the financial transactions by providing you periodic financial reports, preparing government returns required and keep you informed on regular basis. 

I also offer similar service to individuals who would like to have an accounting professional to keep track and organize financial records for them, whether it is for budgeting, tax reporting or financial planning purpose.